Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 5

*I was pretty busy during the holidays and didn’t have any time to make videos. Sorry for the delay* Part 5 of Lueroi’s Pokemon HG/SS Walkthrough In this video, we go through the Sprout Tower. Next time we will fight the first gym!

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 4

Part 4 of Lueroi’s Pokemon HG/SS Walkthrough In this video, we check out Violet City, catch a new Pokemon, and enter the Sprout Tower. Next time we will finish up the Tower!

Sailor Moon – listen to your heart

I don’t know what I could say about..It’s about usagi and mamoru’s love on the moon and on earth..just watch it and you’ll see ;)

Pokemon Heart Gold – Walkthrough Part 9 – HM01 Cut

Battle versus the rival Help the guy to catch the Farfetchd’s Obtain HM01 Cut Obtain Charcoal The english patch made by KazoWAR: gbatemp.net

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Entei/Raikou/Suicune Battle COMBINED + EXTENDED

This video is the result of over 8 hours of work, tirelessly attempting to get Entei’s tempo to match up with the other two beasts. Why must Entei be so different?! Anyway, I’m very glad this project paid off, as it sounds fantastic! In fact, I think it sounds better than all 3 themes combined! Oh, wait…that’s what it is! XD As always, enjoy! All files: www.mediafire.com Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Request!

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 45: Giving Drugs to Pokemon!

Ahh gotta love writing a loooong description out then finding out YouTube didn’t save it ^.^ Anyways, hai thar guys, long time no see.. Yes, this vid is long overdue and its becoming somewhat of a habit of mine :/ I apologize, but I have TONS of work, whether it be, family, friends or schoolwork, I’m sorry, but Pokemon will not take priority over them, no matter how much you ask, though I will still try to upload as frequently as possible. I haven’t even watched this through once, but I’m sure guys will alert me of my mistakes ;) Trainer School: www.youtube.com Xat: xat.com NEW FORUMS! trainerschool.forum-motion.com I got rid of the normal outro and stuck on the Trainer School outro juz cuz ;)

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Part 26 – Cows Cows and More Cows

Ugh, uploading errors have pushed this video back into a day that was meant to be reserved for my Halloween special only. Oh well. Guess that just means more uploading than I want to actually do today. Thank You and Enjoy! Edit: Sheesh, don’t bite me for one little sidebar error on the sailor. It’s near impossible to make a video quickly and still be 100% accurate. Edit 2: Since so many people are liek what zee skittyz? I got Hyper Beam at the department store. I figure since Umbreon’s attack is pitiful either way, might as well give it a good finishing move as demonstrated by the two pikachus. I also gave some other TMs to some team members. Visit my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com Visit my Facebook at www.facebook.com Visit my Twitter at twitter.com Visit the SS Forums at www.superskarmory.net

Pokemon Versione oro Heart Gold – 5

ecco la parte 5 con la sfida alla prima palestra!! Ecco il link del canale e dell’intervista! www.youtube.com www.youtube.com


pokemon heart gold soul silver ポケットモンスター ハートゴールド ソウルシルバーコイキング VS レジェンド Wi-Fi WFC 無線LAN A random serebii’ battler, this wifi battler wanted to disconnect when Heatran got ko’d, but I learned my lesson with the caterpie sweep and also recorded with my camera, but manage to convince him into not disconnecting by telling him I was gonna upload anyway with my camera. lol So it was all good. Download the 2nd Remix COPY PAST URL www.megaupload.com larca.iza-yoi.net ________________________________________ [ README!!!!!] before you make a comment about me copying anyone.. I would like you to know that I was the guy that created the flail sach karp “Magikarp wifi sweep” whoa! shocking isn’t it? here watch www.youtube.com Rather then explaining to new pkmn players how flail and focus sash work! I much rather explain what would screw magikarp up! and the most common things because.. ALOT OF PEOPLE like to try and “sound smart” and explain things to me that I already know, such as Taunt,spikers ect. however, if you must know what flail does read this [FLAIL] www.smogon.com [Focus sash] www.smogon.com Not trying to be rude about this,but I am tired of people trying to sound smart and explaining stuff like “this would screw you up” or “this would ruin you!” or this and that! ****! I already know! So.. stop embarrassing yourself. Rather then explaining this to me or to others I WILL SAVE YOU THE TIME AND POST IT IN THE DESCRIPTION Plus it would SAVE

Pokemon Heart Gold Extra 06 – Legendary Lugia Encounter

Pokemon Heart Gold Legendary Lugia Battle!

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