Sailor Moon Petali di Stelle

Ed ecco il 3 video fatto da me ;) Petali di Stelle per Sailor Moon le prime due puntate della 5 Serie :D commentate :D GRAZIE!!!

Sailor Moon Verwandlungen & Angriffe

Viel Vergnügen x3

sailor moon capitulo 56 latino


Sailor Moon e il cristallo del cuore

italian opening for Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon Stars 5×01 (167) Il ritorno di Nehellenia italiano

seconda parte

Sailor Moon another story op

Dark Mercury vs. Sailor Moon “Heavy Violence”

Ever wish “Sailor Moon” was more like “Naruto?” Apparently just me.

Sailor Moon – Hide And Seek

havent done a sailor moon vid in a while, i’m pretty proud of this, just seeing if i’ve still got ma skillz haha so please comment/sub etc. ♥ song is hide and seek by imogen heap

Megami33’s Sailor Moon Abridged Episode 01

EDIT: Megami has reuploaded this episode at Go watch it there instead!

Sailor Moon R Episode 2 The Sims 2

This episode is long,but it’s not boring and has pretty much a lot of action in it and the characters are moving on fluently.I won’t say when Minako and Ami get their memory back,but I will say it’s not going to be in the next episode.(sorry Venus and Mercury fans out there).I wanted to make this season longer than my first (plus I’m trying to compete) so The episode’s will go by with a long time and slowly,but I’ll be sure to put a lot of action in there so you won’t get bored and not be a fan of my series anymore (It’ll make me sad if you don’t become a fan anymore!) D: but anyways,thanks for sticking with me all the way from the first season,all the way to this boring 2nd season :) love you! OH YEAH! I also threw in a bunch of random songs I had downloaded because I didn’t want it to be a quiet video,you know that gets boring really easy. Just random talking: I can’t believe I went from crappy quality and crappy shows (Example-the night out-a sims 2 horror movie) to this amazing quality and beautiful show (Example-this show! :D )