Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 61

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Let’s Play Pokemon Platinum Part 2: You’re Too Slow!

And in this episode, I might as well be XD.

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 55

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How to Cheat on Pokemon Platinum, get shiny Pokemon

For US go to us.codejunkies.com for UK go to uk.codejunkies.com How to cheat on Pokemon Platinum, Get any pokmon, 100% Capture, make all your pokemon shiny. Get Action replay at the codejunkies site. Pokemon Platinum is available in he uk on the 22nd of may. For US go to us.codejunkies.com for UK go to uk.codejunkies.com

Opening 108 Pokemon Platinum Supreme Victors Booster Packs [3 Boxes] 1/5

Trying to complete the Supreme Victors TCG set in one sitting. Finale is incredible pulls.

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part ??? Darkrai Event

Member’s Card Release Dates: Japan: December 1st 2008 to January 15th 2009 America: August 3rd 2009 to September 13th 2009 Europe: August 3rd 2009 to September 13th 2009 This is the Darkrai event on Newmoon Island. You need to obtain the Membership Card from Mystery Gift through Wi-Fi, you don’t need to go to any stores, you just need a Wi-Fi connection, I did this in my house. XD After you get that, you head to a Pokemart and then to the harbor Inn in Canalave City. NOTE: You need to have the national dex and have seen cressilia. As for catching Darkrai, weaken it as usual, Darkrai is tricky because of the sleep. He has the moves: Hypnosis Nightmare Faint Attack Double Team Don’t forget his ability Bad Dreams also hurts you in your sleep. As for Pokeballs, Dusk Balls are best as long as it’s the nighttime. Few Notes: This was filmed AFTER I finished filming the main game of Platinum. I also did film a bit of the aftergame. The plan for this walkthrough is to take a break from the walkthrough before doing the aftergame and finish up some other walkthroughs. However, I wanted to upload this now due to the time of the event. This technically is an aftergame video and you could call it part 107 but I’ll give it an official part number when I actually do the aftergame. Another note: I am not here to help you get your Wi-Fi connection working!!! Your connection most likely works different than mine. Try www.nintendowifi.com for help, do not ask me. Thank You and Enjoy Visit

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