Sailor Moon Ep 1 pt 1: A Moon Star is Born (English)

A Moon Star is Born Originally Aired: September 11, 1995 Serena learns from a talking cat named Luna that she is destined to become the heroic Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. She saves her friend Molly’s mother from Negaforce and meets the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. **DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN SAILOR MOON OR ANYTHING SAILOR MOON RELATED**

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Usagi is the main character of Sailor Moon who was an ordinary schoolgirl till she met Luna, a talking cat. Through Luna she discovers her powers that had been dormant till then and learns about how the world is going to be attacked by evil forces that had once destroyed the Kingdom of the Moon. So she begins her journey to save the world and is helped by a group of friends who all use their magical powers. As the plot of the series progresses she discovers more about her past life, who she really is and also finds her true love as they are all plunged against the evil forces that are about to attack. She is known as Serena in the English adaptation of the series and the name that we are all mostly familiar with; and you gotta love that Odango hairstyle. Serena or Usagi is one of the most recognizable anime characters in the whole world.

Believe it or not this animated series has actually been used by several stage performances and has been used as musicals as well and has met with a lot of success. It was also made into a video game that is still popular amongst people who like prefer video games still. The series that we have watched has been the English adaptation of the same series and had been a huge hit in the USA. Even though the target audience for the series had been teenagers and especially teenage girls who would enjoy watching ordinary school girls like themselves leading extraordinary and adventurous lives even grown ups often enjoy watching the show mainly because of the bright colors the show uses and also because if you watch one episode you cannot help but watch the next.  The animation itself is so lively and likeable that you cannot help but fall in love with it the very first episode that you watch. You will also be surprised to know that Sailor Moon had also been quite an inspiration to many women. Usage was actually one of the first Superwomen as an animated series to be aired and this was what attracted a huge female audience to the show and set the ball rolling for many other TV shows to use female leads as their Super heroes.

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Innumerous would claim that they know the right place to make Sailor Moon downloads TV show, but it’s not that easy!

Sailor Moon was all about Serena, a teenager living on moon, who was sent on earth to protect it from baddies. As the evil rises, she and her four friends transform themselves into Sailor Scouts to save the universe. Among the major star cast of series are Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus. Each of them possessed super powers and utilizing those powers, they kicked the evil doers away. Series ran on Cartoon Network for four consecutive seasons.

As of now, series is over. But, it’s still there in the hearts of the fans. The figures released by a renowned website have revealed that everyday thousands of people come to watch online and download Sailor Moon. Getting off air doesn’t mean getting out of people’s hearts. It’s apparent that fans are still crazy for Sailor Moon episodes so innumerous websites try to lure the innocent visitors promising more features than the others.

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Sailor Moon Transformation

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