Anime Transformation Mix 1

Sailor Moon: Eternal SailorMoon: Big Bad love ~ Springbreak SailorMerkury: Hide And Seek ~ Dannii Minogue SailorMars: Lose My Breath ~ Destiny’s Child SailorJupiter: Wouldn’t it be good ´~ Cascada SailorVenus: What you want from me ~ Cascada SailorUranus: Go Dj ~ ? SailorNeptune: We’re in heaven ~ Cascada Sailor Pluto: ? Starfighter: Because the night ~ Cascada Starhealer: Truly Madly Deeply (Techno Mix) ~ Cascada Starmaker: Blue ~ Eiffle65 Ojamajo Doremi: Group transformation ~ Everytime we touch (remix) ~ Cascada Wedding Peach: Peach: Sound of my Dream (remix) Daisy: ? Liliy: ? Salvia: God is a girl ~ Groove Coverage Tokyo Mew Mew: Group transformation: Castle in the sky ~ dj Sammy Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Nozomi/Dream: Wonderland ~ Crazyravers Rin/Rouge: Moonlight Shadow ~ Groovcoverage Urara/Lemonade: Watashi No Tamago (My Egg) ~ Shugo Chara Egg! Komachi/Mint: Listen to your heart ~ Nightcore Karen/Aqua: Sag das Zauberwort ~ Sailor Moonies Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: Jeanne: Life is Like A Boat ~ `? I do not own the animes or the songs!

Sailor Moon SuperS Group Transformation (fanmade)

I really dislike the group transformation in the SuperS movie because it was so short. Now I made one my own! Thanks to TheMangekyou13, saturnplanet, Xjustin3009X, Smfan83, Kasbm and NintendoCharlRecords for the awesome voices and Sfxs! Thanks to SMC for the beautiful R2 clips! Thanks to for the music. DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these clips, they belong to their lawful owners. No copyright violation was intended and no profit is made from this video. (c) Naoko Takeuchi (c) TOEI Animations

Series 2 – Sailor Moon – Transformation Cascada (Remix) [3]

So here is the reupload from my third remix “Sailor Moon – Transformation Cascada Remix” from Series 2. Songs: by Cascada Sailor Moon – What Do You Want From Me Chibi Moon – A Never Ending Dream Sailor Merkur – Fever Sailor Mars – Evacuate The Dancefloor Sailor Jupiter – Miracle Sailor Venus – Dangerous Sailor Uranus – Bad Boy Sailor Neptun – Ready For Love Sailor Pluto – Faded Sailor Saturn – Because The Night If you want more? Winx Club & Sailor Moon – The Riddle (Remix) [1]: Winx Club & Sailor Moon – Stay The Night [2]: Winx Club & Sailor Moon – Pyromania Face (Remix) [4]: Winx Club & Sailor Moon – Remedy (Remix) [5]: Winx Club & Sailor Moon – Release Me (Remix) [6]: Winx Club & Sailor Moon – What hurts the most (Remix) [7]: Winx Club,Sailor Moon & Wedding Peach – Alejandro (Remix) [8]: Winx Club, Sailor Moon & Wedding Peach – Monster (Alejandro touch) (Remix) [9] ____________________________________ I don’t own this song. It’s only fanmade by me.

Lunas Verwandlung – Luna transformation Sailor Moon

Luna, Die Katze von Sailor Moon verwandelt sich in ein hübsches Anime Girl – Musik Fancy – Flames of Love – Flammen der Liebe German Deutsch Program: Camtasia 1.0.1 WinME Es ist aus dem Film “Schneeprinzessin Kaguya” It’s from the movie “Hearts in Ice”

Sailor Moon Transformation