Pokemon Black and White – Final Battle Geechisu/Ending

After defeating N Geechisu, Team Plasma Leader, will appear saying how N is a disappointment as well as how he was using N all along for his own selfish needs. Geechisu will then challenge you and this is the final battle of the game (not counting post game). He is be far the strongest trainer so far. After you defeat Geechisu he will be taken away and N will release his Zekrom. After that the ending will play. Note: Like my HG/SS videos I’ll upload some parts of my playthrough in Black and White. I am currently playing Black version. Bare with me if I do stupid mistakes because I still don’t know the new Pokemon and new areas so I might spend a lot of time running around. My character’s name is ホワイト with a female sign at the end. This just means White so it isn’t anything special. Oh yea I’m a guy. Remember this video is for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. (So don’t make stupid comments about how I battle and such)

New Pokemon Black And White Anime Information

Ok so 3 things. 1.I got a new haircut 2.I’ll be 22 years old in 4 more days. 3.That Ash will be retained more then likely now in the Pokemon Black and White Anime but leaving behind Brock and Dawn.

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