Pretty Girl – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

A music video that I made to the song Pretty Girl. The show is Sailor Moon Live Action [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon].

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Episode 14: The Order to Destroy 01

To try and make up for his mistake of killing the honorable pacifist leader Noventa, Heero confronts Silvia Noventa, his granddaughter. Meanwhile, Zechs is handed an order from the Romefeller Foundation…

Sailor Moon Capitulo 10 Parte 1 Audio Latino

“El autobús fantasma, Sailor Mars, la Sailor Scout de fuego”

Pokémon Crystal – Part 38

We depart from Blackthorn and leave Johto to go enter the Kanto League! Affiliated with Bulbapedia & Bulbagarden!

Sailor Moon Capitulo 7 Parte 2 Audio Latino

Pokémon FireRed – Part 21 B

We take the long way to Fucshia City, through Silence Bridge!

Pokémon FireRed – Part 49

We do the disappointing sidequests of Six Island… Woo hoo.

Sailor Moon – What Hurts the Most ( Cascada )

This is the very first Video to come out of my laptop ^_^ Hee hee I hope you all enjoy it. I do ^-^ *hugs* This is dedicated to someone Very speical to me… I hope they figure it out. Cause after all I am very very Stupid… DISCLAIMER!!!! I do not own the music or the video. All rights belong to the original owners. This Video the I made was in fact made by me ^-^

Pokémon Crystal – Part 29

We head to Mahogany Gym to take on Pryce! …Who is apparently also Bill Clinton! Affiliated with Bulbapedia & Bulbagarden!

Sailor Moon Folge 33 Die Doppelgängerin Part 1